Lake Mohave

January 7-10th, 2022

Presented by RomanMade + A1 Tactical


Thomas Kanemoto

LEBECs, Calif. — Despite a lengthy distraction, Thomas Kanemoto of Elk Grove, Calif. reconnected with an early clue and completed a limit of 10.15 pounds to win the APEX Cup Pro Tour event on Pyramid Lake presented by Golden Entertainment.

After two days of competition on Arizona’s Lake Mohave, the season-opening event was originally scheduled to conclude Jan. 9. However, the National Park Service raised a two-flag high wind warning, so tournament management determined that postponing the final day of competition was in the best interest of angler safety.

“It was incredible; this is my first pro level win,” Kenemoto said. “The key was figuring out a pattern. The fishery was tough, but I figured out what the fish would react to.”

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Final Top 10

Thomas Kanemoto
10.15 lbs

Nick Cloutier
9.94 lbs

Austin Bonjour
9.29 lbs

Randy Mcabee
5.66 lbs

Ken Mah
4.77 lbs

Joey Skym
4.54 lbs

John Pearl
4.02 lbs

Scott Hellesen
2.53 lbs

Jason Austin

Ryan White


PlaceApex AnglerDay 1 WeightDay 2 WeightTotal WeightDay 1 Keeper CountDay 2 Keeper CountTotal Keeper Count
11Joe Uribe Jr.8.828.3417.1644*8
12Colby Pearson15.372.65*18.02516
13Mark Lassagne6.8310.3317.1624*6
14Ish Monroe14.062.52*16.58415
15Juan Acosta8.347.916.2433*6
16Cliff King11.844.4*16.24415
17Matt Shura8.966.5815.5433*6
18Nick Wood14.110*14.11404
19Wayne Breazeale11.52011.5250*5
20Mathew Nadeau3.859.08*12.93134
21Earl Dalton III7.584.9112.4922*4
22Tony Franceschi3.918.38*12.29123
23Scooter Griffith7.742.2910.0331*4
24Hayden Lee11.770*11.77303
25Marty Lawrence7.632.3910.0231*4
26Kevin Johnson9.840*9.84303
27Paul Hodges6.461.848.331*4
28Vincent Bernal5.783.19*8.97213
29Greg Gutierrez2.895.878.7612*3
30Johnny Johnson6.572.19*8.76213
31Nick Salvucci2.316.348.6512*3
32William Ponting6.740*6.74202
33David Swendseid3.1903.1920*2
34Zack Thompson6.560*6.56202
35Hunter Schlander5.8805.8820*2
36Austin Wilson0.004.9*4.9022
37Lewis Milligan4.4204.4220*2
38Jeff Michels0.004.29*4.29022
39Garrett Bradshaw4.1004.110*1
40Bill O’Shinn2.050*2.05101
41Kevin Finley0.001.711.7101*1
42Gregory Troughton0.001.67*1.67011
43Stan Lafever0.000.820.8201*1
T44Christian Ostrander0.0000000
T44Luke Johns0.0000000
T44Kerry Harris0.0000000
T44Travis Williams0.0000000



Final – Makeup On Pyramid Lake

Day 2

Day 1