Austin Bonjour

Atascadero, CA

In his own words

I am looking forward to the format with no co-anglers. Nothing against co-anglers – I was one. But it is just a different game to be fishing for yourself and not have to leave meat on the bone for the backseater. I also look forward to fishing tournaments of this size on a smaller body of water, lakes that are hidden gems and untapped fisheries. I’ve been competing against most of the APEX guys through other circuits; but now when we are in a group by ourselves to grow something. It is pretty exciting to be a part of the professionalism that those guys carry. I look forward to learning from them and also to learn as a group to build something for the future.


2018 Bass Opens CO AOY
2018 Bass Opens Lake Champlain champion
Apex Championship and WBS qualifier

Behind the Angler

I love tournament bass fishing. But I really will fish for anything given the opportunity. I also like to deer hunt in the fall. I guess I give all the credit to my dad. For raising me as an outdoorsman. Hunting or fishing and I’m happy.

In the Boat

I try to keep a decent selection of reaction baits and finesse tackle. I never leave my crank box at home nor my flipping tackle!


  • Taps Truck and Auto
  • Aftco
  • Stealth Stixx
  • GaragetekBaits
  • Jim’s Pro Bass Tackle