Jason Bradshaw

Sacramento, CA

In his own words

I am a family-man. I love my family dearly. I am a standup guy. I have a sunny disposition. I like hearing that I am a good angler; but what people think of me, doesn’t really matter. I don’t really fun fish anymore. I am either pre-fishing or tournament fishing. As fishermen, for years, we’ve done the same thing - fish the season and a championship at the end. I like that APEX is trying to do something different here in the West. It is an avenue gives anglers a legit shot at making this a profession and a viable business with TV exposure, interviews, podcasts. It helps anglers showcase ourselves, and our partners. That’s huge!


2012 Angler’s Choice Pro Champion at Lake Shasta
2016 Wild West Bass Trail Pro/Am CA Delta 5th Place
2017 Wild West Bass Trail Pro/Am Clearlake 3rd Place
2017 Wild West Bass Trail Pro/Am Lake Shasta 6th Place
2019 Wild West Bass Trail Pro/Am New Melones 10th Place
2019 Wild West Bass Trail Pro/Am CA Delta 8th Place
2019 Wild West Bass Trail Pro/Am Championship Clearlake 10th Place
2019 Wild West Bass Trail Pro/Am AOY 3rd
2022 Wild West Bass Trail Pro/Am 2021 Clearlake 7th
2023-2024 Apex Pro Tour Qualifier

Behind the Angler

I was born in Fresno, CA and spent my early childhood in the Bay Area. I moved back to Fresno in Junior High, and I followed in my dad’s footsteps after High School and joined the 101st Airborne in the United States Army. I have been a professional angler for over ten years and tournament fishing is one of my greatest passions. I started fishing as an amateur in 2004 and knew right away that I wanted to be in the front of the boat. I made that happen in 2007, and since then I have been chasing the dream of being at the top of my field. Another dream that I had was realized in 2018 when my wife and I started a family. Since then, I have been blessed with two beautiful children that quickly made me feel like I had already won.

In the Boat

When fishing the Delta there are two setups I always have on the deck of my boat. First is a Dobyn’s 784 Extreme tied with 15 lb. Seaguar InvizX line and a 6″ watermelon/green pumpkin Yamamoto Senko. Second is a Dobyn’s 735 Champion tied with 17lb. Seaguar AbrazX line and a Dobyn’s 1/2 oz. spinnerbait.


  • Dobyn’s Rods
  • BucknBass
  • Mercury
  • Morrow Surveying
  • 2M Underground
  • Fizz A Fish
  • Boatmaster’s
  • Snap-on Tools
  • Duo Realis