Karl Okerman

Sandpoint, Idaho

In his own words

 Living in North Idaho, there are a lot of times when its 30 degrees, but I am out there on the water every single month of the year – even in the worst weather. We don’t have a lot of opportunity to compete in the highest level of bass fishing. APEX is the highest level on the West Coast and  that is where I want to compete.


The highlight for Karl’s fishing career is every time is just being out on the water when the sun comes up. Once he is on his boat, finds the concerns of everyday life melt away.

Behind the Angler

Karl started fishing at the age of three with his father and after that, all he wanted to do was bass fish. In a transplant from Placerville to Idaho, he lost touch with the sport. When a friend asked him to fish a tournament, the spark reignited, and Karl was hooked on competitive bass fishing.

In the Boat

Alpha Angler rods fill Karl’s boat. He also always carries Gatorade.


  • Alpha Angler Fishing Rods
  • Lakewood Products
  • Garmin
  • Limit Out Marine
  • Phoenix Boats
  • X Zone Lures
  • Waterland Sunglasses
  • Woo! Tungsten
  • Decent Weights Inc.
  • The Rod Glove
  • Buck N Bass
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