Mark Mello

Elk Grove, CA

In his own words


Redman all American qualifier, 3 time Redman champion.
4 top 5 finishes on the wwbt
Multiple team events won over my 30 year career.

Behind the Angler

Back when I was 8 years old my grandparents would take me fishing on Saturdays to lake Berryessa, And that’s how I got Introduced to the outdoors and the great sport of fishing, And I’ve been addicted ever sense. My PB is a 15.59 that I caught in the Delta back on 4/9/09 what a day that was.
I’m very thankful to wildwest bass for giving us the platform to compete at this level, this is something the west has always needed and never gotten.

In the Boat

When in my boat out on the water there’s almost no place I’d rather be. I’m a shallow water guy at heart, from all the years fishing the Delta. And when I get a chatter bait and a flipping stick in my hand it’s definitely game on.
But I’ve gotten much better at using my hummingbird electronics over the last 10 years and feel very comfortable out in 50 feet of water as well. In my Phoenix 920 elite you will find a lot of Dobyns rods, which I think are the best rods I’ve ever used to date for sure, along with several Dawia SV reels.