Scott Hellesen

Paso Robles, Ca

In his own words

My biggest pride in my life is that I am a father. I am a family guy and spend a lot of time that I could be fishing with my wife and my kid. I am more of a “slow fisherman” than a “cover a lot of water fisherman”. Through my time fishing, Aaron Martens was always the guy I looked up to, because he went at his own pace, and he wasn’t cocky. He just went out there and caught ‘em consistently. He didn’t win every tournament; but he was always in the mix. That consistency and always being a threat – instead of a one hit wonder – is what I shoot for. That is what speaks to me as a fisherman. I am looking forward to fishing APEX without a co-angler. It will be interesting to have it play out more like a fun fishing day, choosing angles and casts without having to leave meat on the bone for the backseater. I like that I can just show up and fish.


2022 Apex Angler of the Year
3 top 5 Won Bass US Open finishes

Behind the Angler

Started competing in college bass fishing tournaments with FLW Fishing. Graduated college and started fishing FLW, Wild West Bass Trail, and Won Bass events.

In the Boat

Spinning rods with light line and pink worms.


  • Anglers Marine
  • Stealth Stixx Rods
  • Garagetek Bait Comapny
  • JFC Plumbing
  • Nitro Bass Boats
  • Mercury Marine