Lewis Milligan

Lewis Milligan

Apex 2022

2022 Apex Cup-Angler Profile-Lewis Milligan

In His own words:

I am a perfect example of chasing dreams. I had to take some time off from fishing to take care of family things; but as soon as that was all set, it was right back to the dream and here I am. You can do this and have a family and you can do it at any age. I’m 46-years-old and I’m right back out there chasing my dream. I believe you have to follow your dreams because they’re not going to follow you.


Redding, Calif.


Lake Mead FLW National Guard Co-angler champion, 40 team tournament wins in Northern California, New Bass Teams TOC champion

Behind the angler:

 As a youngster, Lewis’ family put him on the track of a fisherman at local lakes in the Sacramento area. His father and uncle further developed his interest targeting bass and tournament fishing. His first venture into competitive angling was at the age of 22 with the Folsom Bass Club. In 2006, he went to the front of the boat. Lewis took a break from Pro/Ams to raise his family and returned in 2020 for his first full year back to the competitive bass fishing scene.


In the boat:

A Lucky Craft Staysee 90 and a green pumpkin candy Yamamoto Senko top the list of must-haves in Lewis’ boat. Regardless of the body of water, he doesn’t leave home without his Megabass Levante ripbait rod. Contrary to popular belief, he does typically have a dropshot rod tied on – even at the Delta.


Coors Light, Str8 Up mounts, Bad Ass Baits, Frankenstein Lures, Red Bluff Round Up